GMA Calls For Drone Suspension, Broader Consultation

The Ghana Medical and Dentistry Association have raised their deep voice on what has become the latest controversy in the medical service delivery of the country, the drone medical delivery system.


The Association in a statement issued this Wednesday is saying such a system which required broader consultation did not receive  their input before Government set out to implement it.


Politicizing such a programme is something they caution stakeholders against. The statement read that they are not against the use of technology in the health delivery system but any single intervention shouldn’t be seen as as a panacea to resolving the challenges in the health sector. It should be noted as an augmentation to existing efforts. They added that the services of the drones do not conform to the primary health care policy of the country where different care require specific different capacity to deal with specific functions.


GMA is of the view that the use of the drones without improvement in the human resource capacity will not inure to the benefit of the health delivery system. Rather to the use of the drone service they believe an improvement in the referral system and emergency service will be better.


The statement which was signed by Dr. Frank Ankobea concluded by calling on Government for a suspension of the drone system and demanded for a broader consultative process on the autonomous remotely piloted aircraft (drone) system.


Their  statement comes in the wake of recent Parliamentary approval of the system and a call by Africa’s topmost think tank, IMANI, for the suspension of the service. Parliament on Tuesday, by a majority decision, passed for the implementation of the system.  At the back of this GMA call, IMANI have also stated that this initiative shows the absence of priority in Government’s policy in the health care system.


The medical drone system being led by Zipline Ltd, a California-based company,  seeks to supply blood and medical drugs to health care centres from 4 distribution centres. It’s been reported that operational cost for each distribution centre will cost $88,000 dollars.Medical drone

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