Labour expert calls on TUC to intervene in workers fight against Standchart

A labour activist, Seth Abloso, has appealed to disgruntled ex-workers of Standard Chartered bank to involve the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in their quest to seek redress over redundancy package due them as a result of a redundancy exercise carried by the bank.

He was speaking on Uniq FM’s Workers Link show to inform the public about an action determined by an Accra High Court involving ex-workers of standard chartered and their employers over wrongful computation of their redundancy pay.

The Court in February had dismissed their claims on grounds of insufficient evidence to proof their case. But the workers feel short changed since it was required by the Bank and their union leaders, Union of Industry Commerce and Finance (UNICOF), to have factored into the computation of redundancy pay their entire past service years and not limit the number of service years to 17 and half.

According to an ex-worker, Mark Dennis Amoo, they were short changed by the bank and they expected that their union leaders, UNICOF, would have negotiated well on their behalf.

Standard Chartered bank began a redundancy exercise as a result of restructuring of its operations in 2016. The exercise was purported to be on a global scale and in Ghana was expected to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Act 2003, Act 651 .



Court dismisses workers suit against Standard Chartered Ghana

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