Unite with comrades from Nigeria to fight bad leadership – Korletey Obaudey

A leading member of the Ghana Communist Party, Korletey Obuadey, has called on Ghanaians to see Nigerians as comrades – as a collective identity as Africans to root out any xenophobic tendencies and fight bad leadership. This was contained in a statement issued in Accra today.

In the wake of recent rhetoric by a Nigerian Professor at the University of Education Winneba (UEW), many Ghanaians have condemned Nigerians for their involvement in crimes which have raised high security concerns in the country.



Forever Family: Ghana Nigeria

Date: 20th June 2019


The Ghana Communist Party (GCP) has noticed with great concern the growing tension between some Ghanaians and our Nigerian comrades.

In the past few weeks the media space has been inundated with reports of kidnappings and other crimes, events that remind us of the need to strengthen security measures to ensure maximum safety for all.

The Ghana Communist Party throughout this period has also recognized the involvement of some rogue nationals of our sister country in these reported crimes. While we recognize this emerging trend as a serious problem, we completely and unreservedly condemn the growing hostility towards Nigerians as a collective.

We owe a duty to ourselves and our collective identity as Africans to root out any xenophobic tendencies.

Recognizing the recent spate of attacks in South Africa against other African nationals, we are encouraged even more strongly to speak vehemently against the hateful rhetoric we are developing as a people.

The Communist Party of Ghana believes that we must rather focus on addressing the underlying socio-economic challenges.

In Ghana today the political establishment continues to deprive the poor of quality of life through corruption, greed and bad trade deals. The biggest beneficiaries of our natural and human resources are foreign multinational corporations while the average Ghanaian continues to live in misery. All these clearly point to the fact that Nigerians are not the problem, the political establishment is. Even more worrying is the fact that we have become economic slaves to a Chinese global expansion agenda while other non-Africa foreign nationals continue to exploit and abuse Ghanaian workers but it is our comrades from Nigeria who surprisingly at the receiving end.

We urge all Ghanaians especially the youth to channel our strength and power to demand prudence, accountability and prosperity from the political establishment instead of the misguided hatred for fellow Africans. We must continue to uphold Ghana’s standing within the African political space as the beacon and hope for all.

And we must unite in solidarity with our comrades from Nigeria to fight our respective leadership in a bid to make Africa Paradise for us all.


Issued by

Korletey Obuadey

(Leading Member)


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