Opinion | We are unwilling to surrender our hard won liberty

This generation of politicians are a compromised generation. There are many schools of thought in our movement concerning the characterization of the crop of politicians. They have dishonored the once noble profession of politics.

With them, politics is now synonymous with looting and greed. Their very conception of politics is the foundation of our problem as a nation. The political office is bought and paid for even before elections. We as a people are also to blame in this situation. We have accepted the status quo and participated in the desecration of our high office of politics into a commercial market place.

Politics in short is that institution of our national life that decides on two important questions: the direction and pace of our development. Politics define the operating framework within which all will have to operate.
The eternal words of our great leader will forever be true when he said “Seek ye first a political kingdom”.

A process was initiated in 1957. A process which is a core factor of our national identity. By the declaration of Independence, we sent a message to the colonialist that we will stand on our own two legs or fall on them. The enemies of Afrikan Power received the message as it was intended. But as imperialists as they are, they are resilient and will not stop. They reverted back to an ancient tactics of divide and conquer
Our own people participated in the disruption of this process.

But unlike them, we are unwilling to surrender our hard won liberty.  The dignity of our politics will be restored. Our people will be fed with the little we have. We will share the little we have as a nation or perish together.

Leadership by example is our model. We are not only saying #Drop that Chamber and use that money to build all schools under trees and get potable water for all those without one now, but we are calling on today’s generation to join forces in ENDING NPP-NDC RULE NOW


This article was written by Razak Issah, a leading member of Ghana Communist Party. All views expressed in the article are those of the writer and not represent the views of The Worker.

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