One Week Ultimatum, Pay Us – Afforestation Workers demand

The Coalition of Concerned Afforestation Workers have stated publicly that they will picket at the premises of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission on Monday if their past three months allowance arrears is not paid immediately.

According to a press release which is circulating on social media and signed by Ahmed Nsafao, the Coalition’s PRO, the group is giving the Forestry Commission a week ultimatum to pay them. In an interview with Nsafao, he stressed the inconsistencies with allowance payment since June 2018 when the programme commenced. There have also been long delays in the payment of the monthly allowance. The last time payment was done was in March 2018.

The Youth-In-Afforestation programme is one of the NPP Government sponsored initiative implemented by the YEA and the Forestry Commission to involve young people in tree planting and vegetation protection.

Monthly allowance under the scheme was slashed down from GHS 1,200 to GHS 700 for Supervisors, while Assistant supervisors and Field Assistants take home GHS 600 and GHS 400, respectively. Some of the workers are complaining that the Commission did not seek their consent even before cutting down the allowance.

Some of them are also raising issues as to why Government remains difficult in financing the programme smoothly. These issues have placed doubt on its sustainability.


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1 Comment on "One Week Ultimatum, Pay Us – Afforestation Workers demand"

  1. S.B. DOMINIC | July 22, 2019 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    Its really sad, since last year July i joined this program
    I have not managed to received Nov, Dec, January till date except February.
    Look at that!
    De most annoying thing is that, instead of 1200, i was receiving GHC400 till i fought and it was rectified which i received GHC700.
    So frankly, their payment structure is very abysmal which is their inconsistencies of salaries.
    So we are humbly pleading with you to use ur reputable channel to get it to the Prez over our unpaid allowances.
    This year so far
    I have only received just one month salary until now.
    Thank you.

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