Dr. Yao Graham to speak on Founder’s Day’19 Seminar

Dr. Yao Graham will be this year’s top speaker at the Founder’s Day seminar which will be hosted by the African Youth Improvement Foundation (AYIF) led by its energetic leader, Moses Kofi Asante, in collaboration with the JCR of Commonwealth Hall – University of Ghana, on 21st September 2019.

The commemorative event which in the past featured radical journalists like Kwesi Pratt Jnr will on this occasion provide  a platform for the Coordinator of the Third World Network – Africa, to raise a number of critical questions around the way forward to African unity. The youth are expected to participate in wide range of important issues to be discussed by him. Dr. Yao Graham is well known for his sharp analysis on African political economy and has wide experience with development issues surrounding African mining, trade and finance.

Other speakers will include Dr. Albie Walls of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) – Ghana chapter and Comrade Ernesto Yeboah – leader of the Economic Fighters League. These are leaders of organisations that are well known for their contribution to Pan African struggle in Ghana.

According to Moses Asante, the theme for the seminar, “Reinforced Neocolonialism – The Imperative of African Unity“, has been chosen because the essence of the African Unity agenda needs to be trumpeted to help resolve the neo-colonial crises by helping to enlighten the popular masses.

Africa is widely known for its economic paradox where multinational companies have engulfed the continent and have created a space and condition for excessive capital flight and accumulation. The debate about African unity lingers on many minds but are yet to formulate the strategies and tactics towards realizing that aspiration.

Students, workers and the general public are cordially invited. The seminar is scheduled to start at 2 pm sharp at the Conference Theatre of Commonwealth Hall in the University of Ghana, Legon campus.



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