Opinion | The Pan African Return – A Reality

Coming events, it is said, cast their shadows. A myriad of shadows are casting from a stealthily approach of Pan Africanism. This is a monumental movement of history, most significant for the emerging new world. Africa can only be led into its promise era by Pan Africanism. Ghana and Africa, are the literal center of the earth, and set to evolve into the center of the new world. The Kemet days approacheth. Restoration is on the move. The theme is Pan Africanism.

We are at the very teething days of the new world. The crowing cockerel is announcing the time. The new energy is beyond the capacity of the brutally battered electoral vehicle for the political independence, CPP. While the forever enviable good old CPP may be a constant inspiration, it is almost certain a new electoral vehicle needs to be fashioned out. At the very least, the current state of the scattered CPP will need a complete overhaul. This latter option however is relatively very remote. Lack of a smooth succession and consistent maintenance has left the CPP with lack of leadership integrity, operational ineptitude and subsequently a dull luster for electoral appeal. Sadly, this once great electoral super machine for Pan Africanism may have to be shelved at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

The above scenario does not in anyway compromise the definite approaching political era of the Pan Africanists. Crafting an effective and efficient electoral machine is the last major segment of political process for power, but not the most difficult. With a resonating ideological theme, a committed leadership integrity, and awesomely energetic human and intellectual resources, the chips for an electoral vehicle systematically follows.

The Pan African agenda is not just an ordinary quest for political power, like that of the wilderness parties. It is a vision and mission of liberation and emancipation from the 400yr old enslavement of the Black Nation, which also coincides with the 6000yr chaotic era since Kemet. This year, 2019, we are celebrating ‘The Year of Return’. This is of monumental significance. It means time and currency is absolutely on the side of Pan Africanists.

The wholesome merit of the Pan African ideology itself is a major forecast for the stealthily approaching era. Out of the almost thirty years of Ghana’s fourth Republican constitution, only the wilderness parties have alternated in government. It is clear that both have, to the best of their ability, only managed to exhibit their wilderness tenets. No ideological clarity nor fulfilling direction for sustainable development. Whatever their ideologies, they have manifested nothing tangibly definite. Instead, what has been clear, is a roll out piecemeal rebranded programs dubbed from the Pan African independence government’s ideological policies. A principle compromised is as good as abrogated.

When a nonbeliever starts to preach Christ’s love, it is an unmistakable and tacit admission of the credibility of Christianity. This is the vivid analogy of the wilderness parties preaching Pan Africanism. This is a clear vindication and the critical essence of the inevitability of Pan Africanism. The people of Ghana can see through the facade and propaganda of the wilderness parties, and their ideological fraud. If Pan Africanism is what will lead us to the promise land, why route through a quarter cast ideologists? Common sense and wisdom dictates shooting straight with the thorough bred and uncompromising Pan Africans.

The continental Free Trade Agreement, AFTA, which has recently been signed by virtually the whole Africa is an exotic feather in the cup of Pan Africanism. This is one major feature of African Unity propagated since the glorious days of political independence. A key champion of this wise and critically needful policy of AFTA was Kwame Nkrumah, the great Pan African leader. Whether he and his contemporaries peaked the times, or were just right ideologically, the simple fact remains. That fact is Pan Africanism remains the undisputed ideology for the promise land.

The global political arena is simply a contest of cultures. The ideologies are therefore the various cultures transposed politically. Generally in Africa and Ghana in particular, the long standing political struggles have been the resistance of foreign political cultures by Pan Africanism. Pan Africanism is our culture transposed politically. This cultural invasion of Africa through a political facade resulted in chaotic disorganization of our original systemic order.

This chaotic disorganization manifested in our evil enslavement. The 400yr slavery of the African nation was phased into three. Slavery in the West, colonization of our land, and neocolonialism which is indirect rule through our own polity. This 400yr bondage formally started in 1619/1620 with the departure and arrival of first slaves from Jamestown in Accra to Jamestown in Virginia, USA. Very interestingly, both the King James Version of the Bible, and the two Jamestowns of Accra and Virginia, are all named after James VI of Scotland and James I of England and Ireland, who happens to be the same man.

With the end of slavery with all its evils, and subsequent celebration of the Year of Return this year, 2019, Africa boldly steps into the global arena of cultures. African Culture politically transposed is Pan Africanism. Here lies the justification of the inevitability of the reemergence of Pan Africanism and Pan Africans. The agenda is clear for this second era. Economic Emancipation is the vision and mission. The first was political independence. Africa, and therefore Ghana, thus enters the long anticipated promise land with no other ideology but Pan Africanism! Nkunim Woho Mayen!!

  • This article was written by Yaw Nkunim – Sculptor, Concept Developer & Pan Africanist. Views expressed in the article are those of Yaw Nkunim and do not reflect the views of The Worker.

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