STATE OF ECONOMY – Traders lament over poor sales

Even though the NPP Government is touting significant growth in the economy, some traders have questioned how this is reflecting in their day-to-day business and improvement in living conditions.

Contrary to the claim by the Minister of Finance in his recent statement on the Budget to Parliament that GHS 12.2 billion cedis have been put into the pockets of Ghanaians, a cross-section of market women in the Madina market lament over poor sales and feel unconvinced about Government’s claim that monies have been put into their pockets. “We can’t pay our water bills, electricity bills and since morning we have sold very little. This is unlike previous,” Esther Dewukpor, a pepper seller decries.

At the Shiashie traffic light, Esther Akuettey who sells sachet water complained that from morning to evening she is been able to sell only two bags of sachet water with each bag giving her GHS 2 profit only. She is wondering how to enjoy the Christmas festivity. “We are not seeing any better changes, we are pleading to Government to do something”, she laments. Most of these traders see no improvement in their living conditions although they go through stress daily to make ends meet.

Esther Akuettey – sahcet water seller at Shiashie

In the midst of finding economic solution to the Ghanaian problem what better alternative is there to the NPP and the NDC since both parties have woefully failed Ghanaians? The reality is that most Ghanaians are fed up with the two major political parties who they accuse of plunging the nation into economic chaos.





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