Cracking stones for construction is my source of livelihood, Woman decry

Many Ghanaian women do not get reliable and sustainable jobs that can give them income to adequately take care of their families.

The Worker met this hardworking woman in the Ga South municipality, somewhere 4.5 km behind the West Hills Mall in a place called New Bortianor. She spends the morning and afternoon cracking stones for building construction works that goes in the area. She does this to take care of her children, according to her.

“I hope that one day my plight will change”, she said.

Currently in Ghana most women enter into petty trading or low income-generating activities after dropping out of school. Nearly 60% of the informal sector are women in Ghana. According to this poor hardworking woman, whose name is being held in anonymity, she expressed the hope to one day get a decent job but her level of education is restraining her.

It is worthy to mention that a country that has no plan to elevate the working conditions of its informal sector workers leads to no progress. Most of such women are not on any social security.

It is time all oppressed people, especially women, rise up to demand better accountable leadership that can transform their lives.

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