About Us

The Worker is an online news network primarily for the working class. It utilizes a website and social media pages such as facebook and twitter to publish news and articles around its thematic areas. Our news media upholds to the ideology of socialism and serves as a front for the working class against capitalist exploitation. We believe that workers play an important role in human society from production to family care and security. They also serve as mainly the creators of the wealth of our society because every product is principally and practically the creation of labour.


This online news network therefore promotes the interest of the working class. It seeks to share insights and stories about crises in the economy affecting workers, on policy impact on workers, labour unrest, issues of wages and conditions of services as well as human rights issues affecting workers. It carries out political stories and opinions about the left in Ghana and globally.


The Worker further looks at trends in the capitalist economy, how private sector impacts on the crises of the capitalist economy, deficiencies of the role of the bourgeois state on the people, economy and environment. It has interest in the international working class struggles and geopolitics of the world affecting life and wealth creation.  Our online news network provides perspectives and stories on women, children and youth and how they are affected by the policies and actions of actors such as the state, private sector, social institutions and the working class.


And so the thematic areas we deal with are;


  1. Politics from the Left – perspectives, elections and activism
  2. The economy and the working class
  3. Policies and the working class
  4. Labour unrest, wages, conditions of service, human rights
  5. Trends in the Capitalist economy
  6. Deficiencies of the bourgeois state on the people, economy and environment
  7. International Working class and geopolitics
  8. Women, Children and Youth

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